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Do You Believe The World Is Flat?

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Positive Christian Music should come in many flavors, but too often, Christian bands taste and sound the same.  On rare occasions a Christian band shows up with a sound that is different and unique.  Too Many Drummers is different and has a unique sound that you will not find anywhere else in the world of Christian music.

If you are tired of the same old thing, and you want to listen to a sound that is new and different, check out the music of Too Many Drummers.  Visit their website and get to know the band.  Pay a visit to their facebook page, and let your friends know about the Positive Christian rock music of Too Many Drummers.
"Do You Believe The World Is Flat?" is Too Many Drummers latest CD.  Take a minute and listen to their music.

Too Many Drummers offers their music through iTunes, Amazon Music, or you can purchase a CD directly from their website at a special promotional price.

Awesome music at a great price!  Enjoy.                   
Beautiful every day she asks the question how can anyone love me
if they see in my reflection what i see?
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Rising we know that we have to do or we will die
don't expect me to stand in line.
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June june wishes her name had sharper fangs
to earn her more respect
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Water in every rain a little life must fall
in every life a little hope is born
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Push all i want from you is all you want from me
the middle is a scary place for both of us to be
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Sarah her voice could answer the phone in heaven
i leave my number every time i pray
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Pursuit stumbling without destination, i've walked this road before
thumbing through the invitations knocking at my door
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Surrender i've put a name to the whisper in the wilderness
i've put a name to the longing in my heart
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Desire who trusts a golden heart to one who stands in tarnished armor?
who looks for new romances in the broken-hearted masses?
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Captain captain, tell me what to do, are the rumors all true - the storm's ahead?
i've been talking to the crew and after all that we've be through, we're still afraid
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Here is what the music critics from Positive Christian Radio think about Too Many Drummer's music

String Lady reviews Beautiful by Too Many Drummers.

Beautiful is about rediscovery of the beauty that lies within every person.  Inner blindness hides us from who we really are.  Instead of looking at ourselves though God's eyes of love, we see the dark reflections of our mistakes and failures.  We confuse ourselves with the choices we have made.

it's a kind of self-obsession
she can't help herself at all
sliding, deepening regression, staring at the wall
every day she asks the question
how can anyone love me
if they see in my reflection what i see?

Beautiful reminds her how beautiful she is in the eyes of God. 

brought to her knees by shadows she tries to please
oh please, can you help her now to see
she's so beautiful

God loves and accepts her the way she is, but He loves her too much to let her stay that way.  There is no limit to how good her life will become when she opens her heart and mind to the power of God's love.  It's time for her to max out on God's love.

Drummer Dude reviews Rising by Too Many Drummers.

Rising is about making a difference in a world.  Too Many Drummers calls us out to Do or Die.

we know that we have to do or we will die
don't expect me to stand here in line

there is too much wrong that needs to be made right
for us to hide behind a chapel pew
we can lead the world into the binding light
if we do what we were meant to do

God is the God of the possible.  Impossible isn't found in his universe, and it shouldn't be in yours.  Impossible isn't in his vocabulary, and it shouldn't be in yours.  Everything is possible when you get in agreement with God and do what you were meant to do.

Guitar Guy reviews Captain by Too Many Drummers.

Captain is about surviving the storms of life.  We all face storms, and no matter how many of them we experience, we are still afraid.

captain, tell me what to do, are the rumors all true - the storm's ahead?
I've been talking to the crew and after all that we've been through, we're still afraid
captain, it has been so long and we're so far from home, so far away

We all want to know if we are going to be all right.

now the wind is getting high, it's pushing forty-vie and it's only just begun
there's no sleep tonight, will it be all right?
will it be all right, my captain?

we tremble in this mortal coil as waves anoint like holy oil
baptized by fire with one desire, to follow you back home.

The answer is clear, the captain will get us back home.

It's all about trusting God to get us through the storms of life.  Fear is a product of distrust, and faith is product of trust.  When we trust God to take us through the storms of life, faith naturally wells up in our heart and mind.  We don't need to muster faith.  It isn't something we do.  It something that God does to us when we trust God in every challenge.

Dude with Eight Armpits reviews June by Too Many Drummers.

June is lost.  She doesn't know who she is or where she is going.

june wants to rebel but somehow
all the good stuff has been done

june wishes her name had sharper fangs
to earn her more respect

she's a one-woman revolution
it's always a choice away.

June does not have to be lost.  She needs to discover the most important fact in the universe - that God loves and accepts her as she is.  She can start living here and now as a child of God.

One Man Band reviews Water by Too Many Drummers.

Water is all about the choices and decisions that we make.

in every heart beats eternity
in every beat the choice is up to me
in every choice i'm giving you my soul
cause in my soul the living water flows

every day is a new decision, every day is another reason the water flows
you can make me a new creation, when i answer your invitation, the water flows

Change finally happens when I am ready to change.  Change takes a long time because I take so much time getting ready.  When I am ready for change, I open my heart and mind to God's love.  In that instant, the living water flows into my life, and I become a new creation.


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Too Many Drummers recorded a music video for the documentary film, The Red Sea Chronicles.

This documentary shows the adventures of a family sailing through pirate alley between Yemen and Somalia, and then up the Red Sea.

Not by coincidence, Dave Abbott, the vocalist for Too Many Drummers was on board sailing vessel Exit Only for that trip.

Dave doesn't limit himself to only his musical pursuits with Too Many Drummers.  He also shoots, edits, and produces professional videos.

Dave's custom recording studio is state of the art.  He uses Mac based Protools HD to record Too Many Drummers and other artists who want affordable professional recordings.



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