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Once upon a time there was an evil queen who had low self-esteem.  Like many people who have a low opinion of themselves, she overcompensated for it by becoming extremely vain.  She even had a magic mirror that told her how beautiful she was.  Even if she didnít like herself for who she was, at least she had a magic mirror that could prop up her faltering ego.

Every day she stood in front of the mirror and said, ďMirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?Ē  Every day the mirror replied, ďYouíre the fairest in the land.  Youíre the one.  You are the megababe of all megababes.  You look terrific.  Your facelift was worth all the money you spent on it.  You project an image that is admired and loved by all.  Youíre the greatest.Ē

The mirror made the queen very happy.  Even if it was just a magic mirror, the queen needed as much help as she could get, and her flagging self-esteem would rekindle itself enough to make it through another day.

Unfortunately, one day the magic mirror said the wrong thing, and her self-esteem crashed and burned.  It wasnít a pretty sight.  When the queen asked the mirror who was the fairest in the land, the mirror replied, ďSnow White.Ē  The evil queen was devastated to discover someone had displaced her from her number one slot as the fairest in the land.  The queen went berserk and immediately started plotting against Snow White.  Snow White must go so that she could once again be the fairest in the land.

Eliminating Snow White tuned out to be a bigger job than anticipated.  In fact, it turned into the queenís worst nightmare.  All of the diabolical drama and intrigue would have been unnecessary if the queen had good self-esteem.  If she liked herself, she would not have needed the magic mirror to prop up her weak self-image.


Itís easy to point our finger at the evil queen and see what a fool she was.  Itís easy, until we stand in front of our own magic mirror and say, ďMirror, mirror on the wall, am I ok after all?Ē

We look into the mirror of our own self-esteem and quickly discover we have a lot in common with the evil queen.  We need as much help as we can get to prop up our self-image.  It sure makes us feel better when the mirror tells us how great we look.  We look at our bank account, and if itís overflowing with ready cash, we feel good about ourselves.  We look at our investment portfolio and retirement plan, and our future looks bright.  We surely must be doing something right.  We look at the expensive address where we live and know the rest of the world thinks we have it made on easy street.  We look at our cars and expensive toys, and satisfaction wells up within.  We may not be the fairest in the land, but we have done pretty well for ourselves.

The problem is that the mirror on the wall just told you everything you are not.  All of your real estate, toys, good looks, and retirement plans are part of the problem.  They are helping you hide from yourself.  If you listen to the mirror on the wall, you will never have true self-esteem.

Who you are inside is what is important.  If you like who you are, if you have good self-esteem, then everything the mirror tells you doesnít matter.

Magic mirrors arenít to be trusted.  If you trust your self-esteem to a magic mirror, you will never find out who you are and never become all that God meant for you to be.


True self-esteem comes from God.  When you stand in front of Godís mirror, you donít see yourself as you are.  You see yourself as God sees you, and you see how good your life can become when you max out on his love.  The reflection you see is that of a child of God free from the mistakes and limitations of the past.

When you look into Godís mirror, you hear these words:  ďYou are my child in whom I am well pleased.  I love you and accept you the way you are, but I love you too much to let you stay that way.  I love you from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, and it doesnít get any better than that.  There is no limit to how good your life will become when your heart and mind are full of my love.  Itís time for you to max out on my love.Ē


God created you in his own image, and the fact that you were made in his image is sufficient reason to have excellent self-esteem.  When God finished creating man and surveyed the results, He pronounced his creation good.  He didnít say the creation was fair, or that it was more or less good with only a few exceptions.  He unequivocally, absolutely, and enthusiastically declared that his creation was good.  This applies to you and to everyone else living on planet earth.  There are no exceptions.

Godís final act of creation was putting an eternal spirit inside our human body.  God doesnít have flesh and bones like humans.  God is a Spirit, and the only way we could be made in his image was for God to put an eternal spirit into our body, and that is exactly what He did.  The only part of us resembling God is our spirit.  That spirit is who we are and itís the only part of us that matters.  Our spirit is made in Godís image, and forms the core of our self-esteem.


Our bodies resemble those of chimpanzees, gorillas, crocodiles, and chipmunks.  Our eyes tell us what we see is what we are, and therein lies the problem.  We look at our bodies and our possessions and think they represent who we are, when they actually represent who we are not.  We are not our hair, teeth, or toes.  We are not our money or our possessions.

People who have a problem with their self-esteem are confused about who they are.  They keep score of how well they are doing using a scorecard that is wrong.  There is no way to look on the outside and tell who you are on the inside.  One reason people lack self-esteem is because they feel who they are on the outside is more important than who they are on the inside.  The have things backwards, and they are wrong.

If you believe that you are your image, your possessions, your curly hair, your bald head, your clothes, or your lifestyle, you are in big trouble.  Your self-esteem will take a beating as you experience the ups and downs of living in the twenty-first century.

If your self-esteem rides the roller coaster of an image-oriented lifestyle, you will have a miserable life.  When the stock market goes up, you will feel rich, and your self-esteem will soar like a hawk.  When you lose your job, your self-esteem will crash and burn.  When someone gives you a compliment, your self-esteem will be on top of the world.  If someone criticizes you, your self-esteem will cringe and hide.  Your self-esteem will always suffer until you base it on who you are on the inside.  If you base it on what others think about you or how many toys you have accumulated, your self-esteem will auger in.


The fact that God created you in his image is a sure foundation on which to base your self-esteem.  But itís only the foundation.  There are other reasons why you should love and accept yourself as you are.

The single most powerful reason is because God loves and accepts you as you are.  If itís good enough for God, it should be good enough for you.  God went ahead and loved you without you doing anything to be worthy of his love.

If we had to be worthy before God gave us his love, we would all be in trouble.  But thatís the point of creation in the first place.  God did it because He wanted to do it, and He loved us from the get go.  While we may do things that are unlovely, we need to get over it and get on with it.  Thereís no room for wallowing in self-pity or groveling in misery because we arenít perfect.  We are made in the image of God, and God doesnít make mistakes. God loves us as we are, and his love makes us worthy.  Period.


The fact that God has invested his love in you and has a positive plan for your life, forms the superstructure of your self-esteem.  God loves you so much that He isnít going to let you stay the way you are.  He is going to show you how to max out on his love and become all you can be.  God is on your side.  He is your advocate, and He will use the power of his love to wash the toxic waste from your mind and heal your damaged emotions.

God has enough power to turn your life around and make you into an entirely new person.  Your old life will pass away, and your new life will begin when you open your heart to the Fatherís love.

If God turned his back on you and left you totally up to your own devices, then perhaps you would have reason to question your self-worth.  If God gave up on you because your problems were just too big, then maybe your self-esteem should justifiably suffer.  If Godís love was not the most powerful force in the universe, then maybe you would be without hope.  But none of these things are true.

God is your Father, and He will work with you for as long as it takes.  Nothing is too hard for Godís love.


The final reason for self-esteem is because you have the amazing privilege of calling God your Father.  Jesus said that when you are born spiritually, God becomes your Father.  To dare to call God your Father means you have a personal relationship with the One who created, runs, and sustains the universe.  You are on a first name basis with God.  This is not a distant once in a lifetime contact with God.  Itís a daily walk with the Father who loves you with an everlasting love.  The Father isnít someone you meet once a year at an intergalactic spiritual retreat or only at the moment of your death.  He is there all the time doing what He does best, loving you with an everlasting love, and allowing you to be one of his children.

When you are born spiritually and God becomes your Father, your self-esteem will never again be in question.  You will not be confused about who you are or where you are going.  It will be all right to be who you are, because God created you and loves you the way you are. 

You donít need to lead an image-oriented or performance-oriented lifestyle.  You only need to accept the facts of life.  You are worthy because God says so.  Your self-esteem comes from God, because He loves you as you are.  Take the following message from God and indelibly imprint it in your mind.  Listen to what the Father has to say:

ďYou are my child in whom I am well pleased.  I love you and accept you the way you are, but I love you too much to let you stay that way.  I love you from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, and it doesnít get any better than that.  There is no limit to how good your life will become when your heart and mind are full of my love.  Itís time for you to max out on my love.Ē

Positive self-esteem is just around the corner when you fill your mind with positive things.

It's time to say good-bye to your negative prickly thoughts and hello to a positive mind.

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The wheel of change always turns in the direction of what you put into your mind.  You actually push your mind in a positive direction by putting positive and healthy thoughts into your mind.  If you put enough positive thoughts into your mind, you actually create a positive brain.

A persistently positive focus creates a consistently positive mind.  Your life instantly improves the moment you shift your mental focus to positive things.  The simple act of reading these words and reviewing the power graphics turns the wheel of change in a positive direction, and starts you moving toward a new life.  You have a new way of thinking and feeling.  You become a positive person.


Positive thinking works because it is the natural software for your mind.  God designed a  positive software package that would permit your mind to function at full capacity and maximum efficiency.  He created your mind to work best with a positive operating system.

Negative thinking doesn't work well, because your mind was not designed to function with a negative operating system.  Although your mind is an awesome biocomputer, it will not function well using the wrong software.  Severely depressed people run a negative operating system most of the time, and they illustrate how bad things can get when negative thinking takes control of your thoughts.

Positive thinking truly is the right type of thinking.  Positive thinking is more than a good idea.  It's the way your mind was designed to work.  God designed your mind to function best when itís under the influence of positive beliefs.

Positive thinking will not make your life perfect.  It will not make all your problems disappear or prevent serious illness and accidents.  Nevertheless, positive thinking will make your life immeasurably better. No amount of positive thinking will take something bad and turn it into something good; however, positive thinking will turn it into something better.  No matter how negative your life is, thinking positive makes it better.

Positive thoughts are like a giant magnet that attracts good things. The more positive thoughts you put into your mind, the stronger the positive magnet becomes, and the more your life improves.  Positive thoughts donít just pop into your mind.  You put them there on purpose, one thought at a time.  When you fill your mind with positive thoughts, itís not long before a positive operating system is up and running in your mind.


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What you say to your mind is your roadmap to the future.  Each word takes you to a specific destination.  Make sure your self-talk is positive so it takes you where you want to go.

Maximum Strength Positive Thinking is engineered so that you can easily put it into your mind.  Each positive self-talk is short, to the point, and easily memorized so it can be indelibly imprinted in your memory banks and quickly have maximum impact.

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