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There is no single cure for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  There are lots of way to get better, and even more ways to get worse.  PTSD is not a single disorder with a single cause, and what works for one person may not help another.

How you deal with PTSD depends significantly on the resources you bring to bear on the problem.  If your inner resources are extensive and strong, the road to recovery may be short and straightforward.  If you lack inner resources, recovery may never be complete, and the journey will be arduous and long.

Winning the battle for a positive mind may be the hardest thing you ever do.  But you need to understand that it is possible to win the battle.  Make no mistake about it, you can win this battle, but you have to do some things right to push the odds in your favor.

More than 200 websites on the Positive Thinking Network are an awesome resource that point you in the right direction.

Pay a visit to Positive PTSD and find out how positive thinking can help you win the battle for a positive mind.  Positive thinking can actually make you worse if you use it in the wrong way.

The war for a positive mind is fought on the battlefield of focus.  Wounded Warrior PTSD and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Recovery give you tips on how to develop the positive focus that you need to win the battle against PTSD.


If you think that you can develop a positive mind while focusing on your inner pain, you are sadly mistaken.  A negative mental focus never produces a positive mind.  A destructive focus never results in a constructive outcome.

Some people require medication to get them over the hump of despair, depression, anxiety, and agitation.  Others need therapy by trained professionals to get them on the right track.  Support groups may be just what the doctor ordered.  Talking with your pastor, family, and friends may make a huge difference in how quickly you feel better.

There is no single stop you must make on the road to recovery.  The important thing is that you are moving forward and that you don't stop along the way.  This is a journey that never ends because there is no limit to how good your life can become if you keep moving forward.  You may not be much now, but that is not what is important.  It's not where you have been that is important; it's where you are going and what you will become that really counts.


The name of the road to recovery is called "Outward Focus".

Inward focus makes you sick, and an outward focus starts the healing.

The hardest thing for a wounded warrior to do is to stop focusing on his own wounds and to start helping other people heal their wounds.  When you focus on your own inward pain, your life becomes a living hell full of despair, resentment, and limitations.  The instant you focus on other people's pain and start helping  them, your own healing begins.

The circle of healing and love works best with an outward focus.  When you open your heart and mind to love and pass that love on to hurting people, two persons get healed.  You get healed, and the other person gets healed as well.  The more love you let into your heart, and the more that you pass on to others, the faster you are healed. 

The more you focus on your inner pain and misery, the worse you become.  It's almost as if your healing resources evaporate in front of your eyes.  If you want sink into the pit of depression and despair, all you need to do is focus on your own problems.  What you focus on expands, there is a 100% chance that misery will expand into your life.

Conversely, the more you focus on the needs and healing of others, the quicker you are healed.


Wounded warriors become positive warriors when they forget about their own pain and start to focus on helping others.

I would be lying to you if I told you it easy to look past your pain and develop an outward focus.

I vividly remember when I was run over by the Mac Truck of Life in a car accident and nearly died.  When my body screamed in pain, it was hard to focus on anything else.  But eventually the pain subsided, and I developed an outward focus that made recovery possible.

People who have PTSD are uniquely qualified to help other people who also suffer from PTSD.

When I had two broken legs, a broken shoulder, a punctured lung, and a chest tube in place, I wanted to punch anyone in the face who came to my bedside and said, "I know how you feel."  If they did not have two broken legs, a broken shoulder, and a chest tube, they clearly did not know how I felt.  If their body was not screaming at them in pain, they definitely did not know how I felt.  I have now been down that road, and whenever I meet someone in the ICU with a broken body, I can honestly say, "I know how you feel."  My prior injuries make me uniquely qualified to talk to other people with massive traumatic injuries.

If you have PTSD, you are an authority on PTSD because you have been there and done that.  The important thing is to move forward with an outward focus so that your PTSD is an asset that you use to help other people.

It is time to become a Positive Warrior that fights the good fight.  It's time to marshal  your resources, stand on your unique qualifications and move to a higher level.  It's time to do what Sitting Bull said.  It's time to take care of the elderly, the defenseless, and those who cannot provide for themselves.  It's time to take care of the children.  It's time to help other people with PTSD.

It's time to stop focusing on your inward pain.  It's time to adopt an outward focus.  It's time to be a Positive Warrior.

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Using the word Positive and PTSD in the same sentence does not seem right.  There is nothing positive about the impact that PTSD has on your life.  You need to visit Positive PTSD and find out how to make positive thinking work for you.  This is your opportunity to make positive thinking into a strong ally that makes your life better.

The war for a positive mind is fought on the battlefield of focus.  Until you learn how to control your mental focus, you cannot win the battle for a positive mind.  Visit Wounded Warrior PTSD and find out how to develop a positive mind.

Recovery from PTSD isn't about positive thinking.  It's about different thinking. It's about new healthy thoughts.  Visit Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Recovery and discover a road map to a positive mind.



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