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If trees gave off WiFi signals, our planet would turn into a jungle. Earth would become a green planet once again.

Cutting down trees would be against the law, and tree police would throw loggers into prison. Chain saws would regarded as weapons of mass destruction.

Unfortunately, trees don't produce Wifi. They only produce the oxygen that we breathe, and our forests are doomed to extinction.

God gave us a Positive Green Planet, and we are the only ones who can keep it that way.

If we keep the trees alive, they will keep us alive, and we will avoid a green armageddon.

In high school I remember reading, "This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper."

Doomsday scenarios usually predict armageddon as a massive bang, but that may not be the case. Instead, we may continue down a path of quiet destruction, and our armageddon will be a Giant Whimper with us gasping for breath. But it doesn't have to be that way.

The Positive Green Planet is not a latrine for civilization. It's the only home we have, and we must take care of it.

When I sailed around the world on my small catamaran, I understood for the first time the awesome nature of our Positive Green Planet. Nothing created by man rivals the world given to us by God on the first day of creation. Virtual reality does not hold a candle to the reality of this original gift.

I learned many lessions as I explored the Positive Green Planet on my small sailboat, and I would like to share a few observations about planet earth, and why we should work to keep it alive.

When you sail at night, take a good look at the midnight sky. You can see billions of miles and millions of light years in every direction. From the beginning of time, astronomers have searched the sky for signs of life, and so far the only place where life is known to exist is planet earth.

Earth is unique because it’s chock-a-block with life; it’s everywhere, and it’s relentless. It’s in the air, on the land, and in the depths of the sea. The reason earth is such an awesome place is because it’s a sanctuary for life in an otherwise hostile universe. The Positive Green Planet is an amazing miracle.

Sailing around the world in a yacht allows you to see life in all its glory. Because you sail in remote locations beyond the reach of the developers and destroyers, you see life in a different manner than city slickers do. Their version of life is limited to a few birds in Central Park, dogs on leashes, and animals in zoos. It’s an extremely skewed view of what life is all about.

In cities, it’s hard for people to appreciate or experience the richness of life as they ride subways and work in concrete jungles. Their constrained view of life is to wake up in the morning, commute, work somewhere all day long, commute again, spend the evening at home, and then repeat the cycle the next day. When that is their daily routine, they may not even notice that that their planet is alive. The only living things they see may be people, pigeons, dogs and cats, plus a few cockroaches thrown in for good measure. When they are not at work, they relentlessly search for hotspots to connect to an imaginary world that exists only on the Internet.

Contrast that to the life of a sailor totally immersed in our living planet. He wakes up in the morning to the sound of seabirds in his small patch of paradise. Sea turtles swim by, and when his sailboat gets underway, porpoises escort him out to sea. The sea is alive with mahi mahi, Spanish mackerel, and tuna. When he makes a long passage offshore, wandering birds often rest on deck using his yacht as a floating island. Sometimes the birds even land on his finger and eat from his outstretched hand. When he visits the Galapagos, all manner of creatures tolerate his presence totally unafraid because they know he means them no harm. That’s the way the world was meant to be, full of life that surrounds us on all sides.

When I return to the "real world" where people work nine to five, I hear talk about how hard life is. Wars, the high cost of health care, drug abuse, political corruption - the list goes on and on, and none of these things are alive. We foolishly evaluate life by looking at things that are not alive. An accountant mentality blinds us to the real world.

Unfortunately, I’m not hearing much talk about how good life is. We have forgotten the Positive Green Planet on which we reside.

There’s a perceptual problem here. We are focusing on the dross and slag, when there is pure gold right in front of our eyes. Life is pure gold, and life is good.

Life is an awesome miracle. The fact that we are here on planet earth means that we won the lottery of life. We won first prize, and all of the living things that surround us are our most precious possessions.

When I sailed around the world, the most important discovery I made was that life is good.

Everything that’s alive, including you, is a massive miracle. You are a miracle and you live in a miraculous world.

The Positive Green Planet is an awesome home, and we must do everything in our power to protect it.

If we fail in our quest to protect our planet, in the future we won't be complaining about the price of fuel to fill our gas tanks. Instead we will be complaining about the high cost of filling the oxgen tanks that keep a few of us alive.

Life is good, and it's up to us to keep it that way.

Dr. Dave




Pushing back the limits in your life

Pushing Back The Limits In Your Life

Many times I felt like I had taken things to the limit, but on further examination, it was clear I simply had enough. I was done and was unwilling to do whatever it takes to continue. Hitting the wall of absolute limits has never been a problem. The envelope of possibility is infintely large, and the likelihood of encountering absolute limits is infinitesimally small. There are no limits. There are only limiting beliefs.

Grand Schemes and Other Important Things

Grand Schemes And Other Important Things

In the grand scheme of things, my grand schemes seem fairly insignificant. In a global sense it's easy to feel as if my life counts for nothing, or at most, counts for little. When someone tells me that I shouldn't be doing things that are important to me, and that I'm wasting my life, they are really saying that my dreams don't count in their scheme of things. 

Daktari Without Borders

Living Without Borders

I am a daktari without borders. I am not sure when and where borders disappeared from my mind, but sometime in the last quarter century, I became a citizen of the world. Wherever I am on planet earth, I feel at home in my borderless world. Find out what it's like to live without borders.

Guilty of Living My Dreams

Guilty Of Living My Dreams

When my life is over and on judgment day I stand in the final line up with all the rest, I hope millions of people can point their finger at me, pick me out of the line up, and say, "He's the one. That's definitely him. He's different from the rest. He didn't conform, and he is guilty of living his dreams.

Negative Thoughts Are A Dream Stealer

Negative Thoughts Are A Dream Stealer

You are never safe from negation. Unchecked negativity can rapidly flush the achievements of a lifetime down the drain. If you ever reach your dreams, it will be because you stopped listening to the voice of fear and negation. You stopped looking at your limitations and stopped constructing barriers that exist only in your mind.

Everything Possible Nothing Impossible

Impossible Should Not Be In Your Vocabulary

Faith isn’t something that must be present before you move in the direction of your dreams. Rather it’s something that develops after you start moving. When you start out, you don’t see how your dreams are possible. Nevertheless, the moment you take the first step, faith instantly comes into your life. Never look at faith as the path to a life of leisure. God gave you faith so you could see things other people can’t see and do things other people can’t do.

Fear Doctor

Things I Feared That Never Happened

I could write an entire book called, "Things I Feared That Never Happened," and follow that up with a second book entitled, "I Feared The Wrong Things." Almost always, fear is a waste of time. Most of the things you fear will never happen, and you fear the wrong things. When the hobglobins of fear start dancing in your mind, it's time to refocus on other things. Learn how to squelch the voice of fear with a positive focus!

What Woud Steve Do?

What Would Steve Do?

For me, the dream is all about adventure, freedom, and being really alive. Although I like seeing the sights wherever we go, I think it's the sense of adventure coupled with the freedom to do what I want to do with my life, seasoned with a pinch of adrenalin that makes it all worthwhile.

Imagine, Believe, Receive

Imagine, Believe, Receive

The first step in moving toward your dreams is to doubt your limits. Once you doubt your limits, it's almost as if you are born again. You get an entirely new life with radically different rules of engagement. You enter the Promised Land of Imagine, Believe, and Receive. I know this to be true because I have been there.

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