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Did you ever want to have superpowers?

Whether you realize it or not, you have had superpowers your entire life, but you may have forgotten they exist.

I am not talking about flying faster than a speeding bullet, being more powerful than a locomotive, and leaping tall buildings in a single bound. I am talking about God given superpowers that make it possible to live your dreams.

The superpowers are written in first person, so you can read the superpowers out loud and use them as positive affirmations

Your Positive Superpowers.

1. Positive Focus
2. Positive Expectations
3. Positive Self Talk
4. Counting Blessings
5. Doubting Limits
6. Persistence
7. Willing To Do Whatever It Takes
8. Moving Mountains
9. Resilience
10. Emotional Stability


Focus gives me powerful leverage over my mind.

When I focus on a thought, I push my mind in the direction of that thought.

When I focus on a thought for a day, my mind moves in that direction for day.

When I focus on a thought for a week, my life moves in that direction.

Focus gives me the power to push my life in any direction.

My mind it at the mercy of the focus I select. That's why my mental focus is so important and why it must be positive.

The power of focus gives me the ability to strong arm my mind.

There is no better or easier way to give my mind a massive push in a positive direction.

The war for a positive mind is fought on the battlefield of focus.

A persistently positive focus creates a consistently postive mind.


I don't get what I want. I get what I expect.

It doesn't matter if my expectations are positive or negative, I still get what I expect.

When Jesus said, "As you believe, so shall it be done unto you," he was talking about positive expectations.

My expectations determine the wages paid by life.

While it's important to work hard on my dreams, it's my expectations that really count.

When I bargain with life for a penny, life gives me a penny and nothing more. My wages always match my expectations.

When I increase my expectations, abundance suddenly flows into my life.

My expectations give me the ability to predict my future.

That's why positive expectations are so important. They are a form of predestination.

My life is forged in the fire of positive expectations, and positive expectations rule my world.


Positive self-talk gives me the power to push my mind in a postive direction.

I have a lot of things to discuss with my mind, and everything I say needs to be positive.

When I repeat positive self-talk, I become a different person. I literally change who I am by changing what I say when I talk to my mind.

If I don't like what I hear when my mind talks to me, I can use positive self-talk to change the message and push my inner voice in a positive direction.

My self-talk is the roadmap to my future. Each word takes me to a specific destination, and I need to make sure my self-talk is positive so it takes me where I want to go.

Self-talk does not work if I say it only one time.

I must repeat positive self-talk until my mind repeats it back to me. Only then will I know that my mind has recieved the message.


I have a choice. I can either count my blessings or my problems.

Counting my blessings causes my problems to shrink, and soon I forget they exist.

Counting my problems makes my blessings shrink, and soon I forget that I have any.

When I don’t count my blessings, they disappear from my mind. Although they are still there, if I don’t think about them, I forget them.

Each day I need to remind myself of my blessings to keep them active in my mind.

When I wake up in the morning, I decide whether I am going to count my blessings or my problems. That decision sets the tone for my entire day.

The best way to fill my cup with joy is to turn on my Good Finder and rediscover my blessings.

The things that are positive in my life far outnumber the negative.

When I focus on what is good, my mind replays my blessings all day long.

I must count my blessings or my blessings will not count.


There are no limits. There are only limiting beliefs.

If I am going to doubt anything, I will doubt my limits.

Limits are not for me. They are for other people.

The envelope of possibility is infintely large, and the likelihood I will encounter absolute limits is infinitesimally small.

The envelope of possiblity is as big as I believe it to be, and it's my beliefs that determine the size of that envelope.

Possibilty is a dynamic thing that changes with my beliefs.

I increase the envelope of possibility by pushing my limits every day


Persistence is power, and as long as I persist, my power will never run dry.

I am willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to make my dreams come true.

I am a Doer of Dreams, and I possess one quality that the rest of the world lacks: I am endlessly persistent in pursuing my dreams.

The battle is not to the best and the brightest; it's the most persistent who prevails.

Persistence sticks with me through thick and thin, and makes a way when everyone tells me there is no way.

When other people feel like quitting, I keep on keeping on.

My specialty is snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

I know it's only a matter of time before opposition crumbles and victory is in my grasp.


I am willing to do whatever it takes to make my dreams come true.

Most of the time when people use the word impossible, what they really mean is it's too much work and requires too much time.

It turns out that the impossible is not always impossible. More often than not, impossible is a code word for "won't try."

Impossible rarely is impossible when I do my utmost to make good things happen.

Impossible is a test of whether I am willing to do whatever it takes.


I was born to move mountains.

I already have all the tools I need to move mountains of impossibility out of my life.

Unfortunately, most people suffer from amnesia, and they have forgotten that they know how to move mountains.

That have heard the words "no", "not posssible", and "impossible" so many times they accept them as fact.

Impossible becomes their safe harbor where they drop their anchor and never again set sail on the ocean of their dreams.

What was impossible yesterday is possible today when I get my beliefs right.

The instant I shed my limiting beliefs, I become a mover of mountains.


Resilience is my natural state of heart and mind.

When I fall down seven times, I get up eight.

My head may be bloodied, but it is unbowed.

I roll with the punches, and when I am knocked down, I come back with a vengeance.

I rise like a Phoenix from the ashes to find my place in the sun.

I am either moving forward or bouncing back.

Like a child learning to walk, when I fall down, I get up again and move forward without feeling sorry for myself.

I am resilience personnified. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but they will not stop me from moving forward.


My final superpower is emotional stability.

When bad things happen, I don't fall apart.

There is no weeping and gnashing of teeth. No sackcloth and ashes for me.

I may be disappointed, but it's not going to ruin my life.

I am steady as a rock, and I relentlessly move forward no matter how I feel inside. Panic is for other people, but not for me.

When I experience adversity, I modify my plans, I stick to my purpose, and I never surrender my dreams.

When adversity happens, I don't react negatively and complain life is too hard and unfair. I accept adversity and continue to move forward. It's not that I don't have emotions. I simply don't let my emotions assume control.

Things are going to work out, and there is no reason to waste my energy on unnecessary emotional turmoil that only makes it harder to achieve a positive outcome.


These ten superpowers stand by you through thick and thin.

There's no rocket science here. It's all common sense.

You already have all the resources you need to live the life of your dreams. You just need a reminder to utilize your superpowers and make your life into what you want it to be.

The Positive Thinking Network has hundreds of resources to help you develop your Superpowers. You can even become a Positive Mountain Mover. Dr. Dave is the Positive Thinking Doctor and the Encourager in Chief of the Positive Thinking Network, and he has written twelve positive books that reveal how he got his positive Superpowers. He even created 200 Positive Podcasts to get your life headed in the right direction.

Isn't it about time you started using your Superpowers?

Today is a good day to show the world the stuff from which you are made!




Pushing back the limits in your life

Pushing Back The Limits In Your Life

Many times I felt like I had taken things to the limit, but on further examination, it was clear I simply had enough. I was done and was unwilling to do whatever it takes to continue. Hitting the wall of absolute limits has never been a problem. The envelope of possibility is infintely large, and the likelihood of encountering absolute limits is infinitesimally small. There are no limits. There are only limiting beliefs.

Grand Schemes and Other Important Things

Grand Schemes And Other Important Things

In the grand scheme of things, my grand schemes seem fairly insignificant. In a global sense it's easy to feel as if my life counts for nothing, or at most, counts for little. When someone tells me that I shouldn't be doing things that are important to me, and that I'm wasting my life, they are really saying that my dreams don't count in their scheme of things. 

Daktari Without Borders

Living Without Borders

I am a daktari without borders. I am not sure when and where borders disappeared from my mind, but sometime in the last quarter century, I became a citizen of the world. Wherever I am on planet earth, I feel at home in my borderless world. Find out what it's like to live without borders.

Guilty of Living My Dreams

Guilty Of Living My Dreams

When my life is over and on judgment day I stand in the final line up with all the rest, I hope millions of people can point their finger at me, pick me out of the line up, and say, "He's the one. That's definitely him. He's different from the rest. He didn't conform, and he is guilty of living his dreams.

Negative Thoughts Are A Dream Stealer

Negative Thoughts Are A Dream Stealer

You are never safe from negation. Unchecked negativity can rapidly flush the achievements of a lifetime down the drain. If you ever reach your dreams, it will be because you stopped listening to the voice of fear and negation. You stopped looking at your limitations and stopped constructing barriers that exist only in your mind.

Everything Possible Nothing Impossible

Impossible Should Not Be In Your Vocabulary

Faith isn’t something that must be present before you move in the direction of your dreams. Rather it’s something that develops after you start moving. When you start out, you don’t see how your dreams are possible. Nevertheless, the moment you take the first step, faith instantly comes into your life. Never look at faith as the path to a life of leisure. God gave you faith so you could see things other people can’t see and do things other people can’t do.

Fear Doctor

Things I Feared That Never Happened

I could write an entire book called, "Things I Feared That Never Happened," and follow that up with a second book entitled, "I Feared The Wrong Things." Almost always, fear is a waste of time. Most of the things you fear will never happen, and you fear the wrong things. When the hobglobins of fear start dancing in your mind, it's time to refocus on other things. Learn how to squelch the voice of fear with a positive focus!

What Woud Steve Do?

What Would Steve Do?

For me, the dream is all about adventure, freedom, and being really alive. Although I like seeing the sights wherever we go, I think it's the sense of adventure coupled with the freedom to do what I want to do with my life, seasoned with a pinch of adrenalin that makes it all worthwhile.

Imagine, Believe, Receive

Imagine, Believe, Receive

The first step in moving toward your dreams is to doubt your limits. Once you doubt your limits, it's almost as if you are born again. You get an entirely new life with radically different rules of engagement. You enter the Promised Land of Imagine, Believe, and Receive. I know this to be true because I have been there.

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