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Faith isn’t something that must be present before you move in the direction of your dreams. Rather it’s something that develops after you start moving.

When you start out, you don’t see how your dreams are possible. Nevertheless, the moment you take the first step, faith instantly comes into your life.

Never look at faith as the path to a life of leisure. God gave you faith so you could see things other people can’t see and do things other people can’t do.

Everything in your life fits into two columns.

One column is labeled possible, and the other is labeled impossible.

Your job is to move everything over to the possible column.

With God, all things are possible.

Impossible doesn't exist in God's universe, and it shouldn't exist in yours.

Impossible is not in God's vocabulary, and it shouldn't be in yours.

On more than one occasion, Jesus said, "All things are possible", and "nothing is impossible." Jesus said it both ways to make it clear that we live in the Land of Possibility.

Jesus meant it when he said that all things are possible.

He wasn't trying to frustrate you by encouraging you to pursue impossible dreams. Everything is possible isn't a pipedream. It's the way God made things work.

God wants to use you more than you know. When you align yourself with His master plan, you will go far beyond your early limited dreams.

It's time to leave the Land of Impossibility, the Land of Addictions, and the Land of Limitations and come to the promised land where all things are possible. It's time to get in agreement with God. It's time to think as God thinks.


Faith is for everyone who wants to live their dreams

Faith is acting as if your dreams are possible before they actually happen. .

Dreams aren’t an accident.

God gave them to you for a purpose. They are God’s way of pointing out that you have the possibility of achieving excellence. You can dream great dreams and make them come true using the power of faith.


Jesus’ disciples once asked him to increase their faith. They felt that their faith was not up to the task. 

You may feel the same way. Your faith seems too small to have an impact on the monumental challenges that litter the landscape of your life. 

You wish you had a large amount of faith so you could make big things happen. 

You act as if faith is a commodity, and if you somehow had more, you could turn your life around. 

Although it may seem that bigger is better, you don’t need to worry about the size of your faith.

Faith isn’t about size. 

Jesus said if you had faith the size of a mustard seed, you could move mountains. 

Jesus was saying that faith doesn’t come in small, medium, or large sizes. Faith is either present or absent. 

If it’s absent, your life is full of limitations, and you are stuck in Nowhere Land. 

If it’s present, you can move mountains.

You never need to worry if you have enough faith to reach your dreams. 

Any faith is enough to start moving in a positive direction. 

You will always have sufficient faith to be the best you can be and do the best you can do.


Jesus said faith makes it possible to move mountains. 

Moving mountains is exciting stuff. The problem is there are so many mountains that seem to be staying right where they are.

If it was up to us, moving mountains would be ninety-nine percent faith and one percent hard work. 

When we encountered a mountain, we would have a chat with God about how the mountain needed to be moved, and if He gave us the go ahead, we would exercise our faith, and the mountain would disappear into the sea. 

In a few effortless minutes, another mountain would bite the dust. 

We could move our mountains without lifting a finger. Unfortunately, that’s not how faith works.

In the real world, moving mountains is ten percent faith and ninety percent hard work. 

Faith tells you it’s possible, and hard work makes it happen. 

When Jesus said your faith could move mountains, he didn’t say how long it would take or how many people would help you. 

It may take years to move your mountains. Nevertheless, the mountains will move if you get out your shovel and start working.

Mountains don’t move in an instant; they move one shovel full at a time. 

When you ask God to move your mountain, God hands you a shovel and tells you to start digging. 

When you lift your first shovel of dirt, you instantly become a mover of mountains.


There are no glasses that allow you to look into the future. In fact, you don’t even know what will happen today.

When your heart is full of faith, you realize it isn’t necessary to know what will happen in the future. You only need to see where to take the next step. 

If you are faithful in taking the next step, one day your dreams will come true. 

You can go anywhere you want when you are willing to take the next step.

Dreams don’t happen in big steps. They are the result of lots of little steps that all add up. 

When you learn to walk, you have to take a large number of baby steps. Twenty years later, you are ready for the Olympics. 

That is the way things happen with faith. 

You start out with baby steps, and eventually take Olympic size steps. 

The important thing is to take the first step of faith, and then the next, and the next, and the next.


Most people want life to be easy.

When they want something, they don’t want to have to wait for it or work for it. They would like to exercise their faith and have it magically appear. They want to name it and claim it. They want to pray, and have God do all the work. 

If they had their way, God would open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings while they sit in their easy chair, sip lemonade, and enjoy the sunshine of God’s love. 

It would not be long before they became spiritual couch potatoes.

People think if they had more faith, their life would be easier. 

The truth is that faith makes your life harder. 

As long as you have no faith, you can sit on your hands or stand around doing nothing. 

The minute you take a step of faith, the work begins. The more faith you have, the bigger the job becomes.

If you have faith to move molehills, you won’t even break a sweat before the job is done. 

If you have faith to move mountains, you have a lot of hard work ahead. Nevertheless, if you remain faithful, the mountain moves and you move on to bigger challenges. 

You begin to look at Mount Everest, not because you want to climb it. Instead, you want to be the first person to move it.

Never look at faith as the path to a life of leisure. 

God gave you faith so you could see things other people can’t see and do things other people can’t do.

It’s impossible to live a life of faith if you are unwilling to do whatever it takes. 

The heart of faith must be a willing heart.

Most people aren’t willing to do whatever it takes. They want God to do it for them. 

They believe that if they have enough faith, God will be willing to do whatever they want. 

When God doesn’t do it, they take it to be a sign they didn’t have enough faith. They try to muster a little more faith, hoping it will kick start God, so He will solve their problems.

They don’t understand that no amount of faith is going to make God do for them what they can do for themselves.


No matter how hard we work, eventually we relinquish all the things we worked so hard to acquire. Even though we know that we will have to surrender all our stuff as we grow older, that doesn’t keep us from believing if we get enough stuff, we will finally feel secure.

The soap opera of security focuses on getting as much stuff as we can during that phase of life in which acquisitions are our Holy Grail. 

Not only do we have to work like a Trojan to acquire all that stuff, we also have to fight tooth and nail to keep it for as long as is humanly possible. 

People equate security with stuff, when the opposite is true. 

People who have stuff are the ones who are insecure. They worry all the time about loosing their stuff, and they buy insurance so they can keep their huge pile intact.

People who don’t have a mountain of acquisitions are far more secure, because they don’t have anything to lose. 

They know that the soap opera of security is only a sideshow; it’s make-believe. 

The only true security is God’s eternal and unconditional love. Beyond that, security doesn’t exist on planet earth.

You face a choice. 

You can worship at the altar of security, knowing that security is a false God, or you can worship at the altar of God’s love and allow him to give you true security that lasts forever.

When you stop worshiping at the altar of security, and stop worrying about all of your stuff, and start focusing on God’s love, a miracle happens. Now you have nothing to lose, and you are willing to take the risk and accept the consequences. 

The worst case scenarios of the security mongers no longer send shudders of fear through your heart and mind. 

You focus on God’s love, knowing that in the long run, when you leave your stuff behind, the real you is secure forever. 

The security of God’s love gives you the power to take any risk and accept any consequence.


Faith isn’t magic. 

It’s the practical method by which you reach your dreams. 

When you are willing to do whatever it takes, when you are willing to take the next step, when you are willing to take the risk and accept the consequences, you have all the faith you need to reach your dreams.


Faith doesn’t exist until you start moving. 

Until you move, you only have hope. The proof that you have faith is the actions you take.

Faith isn’t something that must be present before you move in the direction of your dreams. Rather it’s something that develops after you start moving. 

When you start out, you don’t see how your dreams are possible. Nevertheless, the moment you take the first step, faith instantly comes into your life.

You can’t sit in your easy chair and expect faith to suddenly pop into your mind. You have to start moving in a positive direction before it happens. 

Most people get this backwards. They don’t move until they feel like they have enough faith. Consequently, they never go anywhere and never live their dreams.

Do you want to make faith active in your life? It’s not hard to do. 

You simply act as if your dreams are possible and work each day to make them happen. 

You act as if you cannot fail as you move in the direction of your dreams. 

You can even be born spiritually if you open your heart to God’s love. 

When you don’t worry if you have enough faith, your faith does just fine.




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